My Story

Hello I'm Annie and here is a bit about me. I'm married and have two wonderful boys, Corbin 18 and Dominick 15. I joined Scentsy at a difficult time in my life. In April of 2009 I got laid off from my job of almost 10 years. Within the same month my husband got deported. I was alone in a house we bought  only 5 months earlier. Now I was raising 2 boys by myself, unemployed and without my spouse. I had to figure out what to do now. I started college in 2010 to earn some sort of degree, through a program we were offered when we got laid off of work. My Scentsy journey did not start untill June of 2011. When the opportunity for me to make my own schedule while making money and having fun arose I grabbed on to it. I could still be home with my boys, go to school full time, make new friends while bringing extra money into our home. 


(2012) I have been selling Scentsy now  for less than a year and have been blessed with 10 gals on my team.We have many new adventures coming our way with Scentsy and SO excited that I am a part of this new journey. I have met so many wonderful people on my Scentsy journey and have been blessed in more ways than one. I have been able to earn extra cash every month and excited to take my first trip to Vegas this summer for a three day Scentsy convention.

(2013) Since I have joined Scentsy they have come out with more product lines. Velata (warmers that melt chocolate and cheese)  Scentsy also has a laundry and body line. There is an opportunity for anyone looking to make extra money or make it your full time job. You can choose to sell Scentsy or Velata.

(2014) I have been with Scentsy now for 3 years. I've traveled to Vegas, Indianapolis, and St. Louis. The possiblities with this company are ENDLESS. I've met many of great and inspiring people along the way.

(2016) I'm going to hit my 5 year scentaversary this year. I'm looking at this year as the best year I'm going to have. I'm sharing the blessing with anyone I meet and looking to bless other peoples lives along the way.


If you're interested in hearing more send me a PM on facebook 


Have a blessed day!!!